Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birth of This Blog

This is it. I am writing again.

This blog has been on my to-do list for awhile, and taking action is usually the hardest part. I have been caught up with figuring out on how to approach this whole thing, but EFF IT- I'm just gonna write, right now! Let the river of content flow already!

For those who don't know me, I have been facilitating healing, massage and bodywork for a number of years. After experiencing work + travel for the last three years within BC Canada at some rather interesting places, I have returned to my hometown, Vancouver BC, to settle down and get established.

The reasons why I want to write are:
  1. For people who might be interested in or already have received my healing sessions to know who I am as a person.
  2. To find balance as my healing work can be mostly mindless and meditative. That means I need to have a cerebral outlet of some sort. I also need to make sure that I still feel somewhat smart, or at least S-M-R-T?
  3. So I have been told that I am good at writing. It was hard to believe since I didn't do that well in school writing essays. Maybe I can give my parents some credit for their genes since they used to be writers.
  4. To explore woo-woo-ness in a grounded and articulate way. There is much that is beyond our capacity to understand. This can be a way for me to do my best to analyze and understand what is happening around us. Hey, what is really real anyways?
  5. To write clear and useful content. I like to be practical in that sense. There is more than enough crap to filter through on the internet.
  6. To share with others from the heart and create community.
I am intending to share with others my wisdom, insights, interesting experience, useful tools/ideas, flexible beliefs, authenticity, humour and quirkiness.  

Please feel free to leave comments (no spam please) and connect with me. We are human creatures which are meant to connect to make the world a better place, so find me online, subscribe, etc.

Love and blessings!

~ Constance

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